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True Salespeople are Artisans

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True salespeople are artisans and not needy. Are your salespeople needy? Needy salespeople are underperformers. They need to sell their product,service or experience more than their Customer needs to buy them. Needy salespeople “differentiate” only on price because they are lazy; and know no better or they represent a commodity. Personally, I avoid needy salespeople. There is a desperation and lack of quality that I cannot allow myself to become a part of. I run from needy salespeople. Recently I re-read Oren Klaff’s book “Pitch Anything”. I suggest putting Pitch Anything on your short list of must read books. In Chapter Six – Eradicating Neediness, Klaff shares, “Plain and simple, neediness equals weakness.” Did you get that? “Neediness equals weakness.” You have a choice. Be Artisan or be needy. Be Artisan My Dad instilled in me… If you are going to do anything – do it amazingly well – be an…

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