Silver Bullet Process to Hiring Revealed – Part 1

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The process to hiring employees begins with the boss.

Have you given much thought to your process to hiring employees?

The process to hiring employees begins with the boss.

What is your process to hiring employees?

Right now business owners are spending on average 60% of their time working in their business, instead of on it.

The difference is huge.

Working on your business has you growing it, has you doing the things you love to do, it has you doing the things that multiply your strengths.

Working in your business has you dealing with people problems, moral issues, customer problems (both internal and external), it has you doing things you’re not good at, and it forces you to be a fire fighter. It drains you.

The worst part of it is that it’s happening because of your current process to hiring employees; something you can easily fix.

You either did this to yourself or you had help from HR people who have been doing the same thing the same way and never really delivering the results you want, while shifting blame.

The True Cost Of A Bad Process To Hiring Employees

Let me put that in DOLLARS based on you having a $50,000 salary.

  • If you work a 40 hour week that means you are dealing with internal issues, on things that drain you, or give you headaches for 24 hours, leaving you with only 16 hours to work on and grow your business.
  • That’s important because you wasted $576 per week of your salary alone.

The first question I always get when working with new clients is,

“So what is the most important characteristic we should look for when we’re trying to hire someone?”

My answer to their dismay is I don’t have a clue. And I truly don’t have any idea because it depends on what you need to do, why are you actually hiring someone?

In my world the way I look at hiring, there is no such thing as a good characteristic and or bad characteristics. I tell people never to make a value judgment. There is right behavior and the wrong behavior for the job. So, when a position opens up there are two things you have to do.

The first thing you have to do is you have to answer the question,

“What does this person need to do to satisfy my business needs?”

The Silver Bullet Process To Hiring

So, the first thing you must do is you have to frame the business need. The thought process to hiring a salesperson is that you want to increase revenue. You want to expand a territory. You want to gain a greater market share.

Likewise, the thought process to hiring an administrative assistant is so they will manage specific events, schedules, and the like.

There are specific outcomes that you need in normal process to hiring employees.

That is number one. It is the first half of hiring.

Most people put together a job description and that is the worst thing you could ever do is create a job description.

Why? Job descriptions talk about responsibilities. They do not talk about your needed outcomes. We work with our clients to put together a Job Specific Performance Package. Our Job Specific Performance Package is based on the needed outcomes for the job. That is a Huge Difference.

The first thing that you need to do as a business owner is make a list.

Just pull out a piece of paper. We have a formal way to do this. Don’t worry about it, I am giving you the Cliff Notes version.

On this piece of paper write down every result this person would have to deliver in the first year that would put the biggest smile in the world on your face, which will satisfy your business needs.

You just simply need to do that. DO NOT WRITE DOWN ACTIVITIES.

Not, “They are going to answer the phones.” That is an activity.

We are talking about outcomes.

So, instead you are going to say, “Every Customer issue was satisfied within two phone calls.”

That is an outcome, a specific result that can be measured. You should all know about how to create results and outcomes. So that is the first step.

So now once this list is created of things the person has to deliver in order to satisfy your business need in order to earn the label of success, you next have to ask the second question.

The second question is,

“What recipe of behaviors does this person have to have? What does this person specifically have to do to be able to deliver those particular results?”

That is what gets us to the original question of what characteristics should you be looking for?

Now we don’t want to look for characteristics.

We look for does a person have to behave specifically to deliver the results we listed?

So for example, if a person is going to be in a room by themselves, doing legal research for say background checks, we would look for behaviors like, lower sociability, higher independence, and several others.

You would not want someone that is outgoing, team player.

So if a you as a business owner, your HR people, or even the department manager are outgoing and fun and as we all hire people who are like us, you have created a vicious cycle of turnover and all the other associated costs you don’t want to think about.

So, look at the outcomes and ask yourself,

“What knowledge, what skills, what abilities, and what behaviors does a person have to apply to actually deliver those?”

In the upcoming parts of this series we will be covering how to create the system or process to get the right person, some of the right and wrong questions to ask, as well as where to look for the right employees and other many other issues that will have you creating the outcomes, goals, and life that you really want.

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