Who Is Your Real Boss?

One of the questions we ask when we start working with a client is who is your real boss?

The customer is your real boss

Your Real Bosses

Everybody everywhere has always had the same answer.

It’s my Manager, it’s my President, it’s the Shareholders, and for the small companies it’s the Owners.

So when I tell them they are wrong, most of them look confused, the Owners get angry.

But this is what we have been taught.  And this is what I share.

Who’s Your Real Boss?

There is only one boss, and whether a person shines, shoes for a living or heads up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same.  IT’S THE CUSTOMER.

They are the people who pays everyone’s salary and who decides whether a business is going to succeed or fail.  And they do not care if a business has been around for 100 years.  The minute it starts treating them badly or taking them for granted, they will put it out of business.

The boss, THE CUSTOMER, has bought and will buy everything you have or will have.  They have bought all of your clothes, your home, your car, pays for your children’s education and your vacations.  They pay all of your bills, and they pay in exact proportion to the way you treat them. The man who works inside a big office building or plant might think he works for the company that writes their paychecks, but they don’t.  They are working for the person who buys the product at the end of the line.

In fact, THE CUSTOMER can fire everybody in the company from the president on down.  And they can do it simply by spending their money somewhere else.

Some of the largest companies that had flourishing businesses a few years ago are no longer in existence.

They couldn’t or didn’t satisfy THE CUSTOMER.

Don’t Forgot Who Is Your Real Boss

Then we get well customer service is not my job, or I don’t deal with customers I work in production making standing at a machine and I don’t talk to people, from the people who still don’t get it.  Yes, you are in customer service, if you don’t do your job write or make defects or don’t care because you are indifferent, the customer will go somewhere else.  And they will let everyone know what you did wrong.

In the days not so long ago the rule was for every one customer who was mistreated, had a defective product, or products that were not what they wanted they would tell on average 4 to 15 people.

Now with the internet and social media that number is blown out the window.

Take for example the Double Tree Hotel, one hotel employee mistreated one couple back in 2007.

That couple created a PowerPoint titled “Yours is a Very Bad Hotel”.

It is still alive and well today and comes up on the first page of many Google searches.

If you have a really ticked off customer (and yes they can be vengeful and make it a mission to close you) they head right for the internet and post negative comments and posts everywhere they can.

Local organic SEO takes over and when a customer or company “Googles” you they see the complaint first,  and that is their first impression.

The choice is not the President or the Owner, it’s not the Shareholders, and it’s not the Managers.

The choice  is yours, and it takes Teamwork.

When you get this, when you understand and believe this, that is not the end, you have just your first step on a much larger and much more fulfilling future, it is the one you are creating.

The Business We Are In – Cavalry Management Consultants offers a unique technology to business corporations.  A fundamental premise of Cavalry Management Consultant’s work is that the individuals in an enterprise and the enterprise itself have the possibility not only of fulfillment and success, but also of greatness.

This is what we deliver, and if you would like to know more and simply have a conversation click contact us now.

While this has the warm fuzzy to it, we are also pragmatic in our approach, in that we bring Lean and Six Sigma methods to improving your bottom line while reducing your costs.

Everything we do and suggest is based on maximizing your Return On Investment and is supported by the numbers.


Don is an experienced human resource consultants who has a proven track record of helping businesses hire the right people, and get them doing the right thing. Don's passion lies in helping organizations increase productivity and decrease defects and costs.

You can reach Don directly at 440-240-2583.


  • David Howard says:

    This is an excellent post and proposes a perspective that all in an organization need to understand. There is always a degree of not bending a company in an unnatural way for a single customer, but when a customer is one that you want, and you miss that they are expressing needs which must be met, this article is perfect.

  • Rubin Wald says:

    Great message Don. Businesses must realize that their most valuable asset is their ‘herd’…their customers, clients or patients. Take care of your herd and it will take care of you. I keep a ‘million cow bill’ in my bill fold to remind me that my herd, and only my herd, can put a million dollars in my bank account!

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