Finally! There’s A Way To Stop Those Bad Hires and
Under-Performing Employees From Draining Your Bottom Line

Hire the right people, and get them doing the right thing!

Cavalry Management Consultants has the solutions for your hiring and employee review issues.

I’m sure this statistic caught your attention: The cost of a bad hire is a MINIMUM of $11,000

That means in a small business of 10 people, two turnovers per year cost the company a minimum of $22,000 per year – and that doesn’t include damages and defects. The good news is that bad hires can be avoided or at least substantially reduced by making sure that one simple step of the hiring process is always done correctly—measure the employee for fit.

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How do we measure the employee for fit?

  • We look at what the job needs and what will make YOU happy – remember, your employees should fit you and your business, not the other way around.
  • We identify the people in your company who are currently successful.
  • Our detailed measuring and reporting clearly shows why the successful people are great, and why others are not a good fit.
  • All future hires must meet the criteria of your best and most successful employees.

Maybe measuring the value of your current employees is your primary issue.

Do you know how much your employees are worth?

With employees, it’s not about what you pay them, it’s about what they are worth. You need a system to determine who is a good employee and what they are worth. Our solution shows you what they are worth and what can be done about it.

Very few companies measure the value of their employee because they’re scared about what they might find out. Everyone’s job has items that can be measured, and our system determines exactly what your employees are contributing to your company.

In one situation, our client had a total 26 employees but was losing $574,000 a year in wasted salary. Yikes! That’s a difficult number to swallow. But once we identified the problem, then we could start working on a solution.

Remember, what gets measured gets managed. But if you are not measuring then you are NOT in control.

We don’t want you to have to deal with high turnover and under-performing employees anymore! We’d like to show you our solution, so you can take a good look at it and better understand how it can improve the way you do business.

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Client Success Stories

Calvary Management Consultants provided us a framework and very practical set of action-oriented Solutions and recommendations that together enabled us to leverage the one thing that makes our organization different truly unique and profitable – our human talent.” – Steven Waire, Executive Producer, Work Design Collaborative

Cavalry Management Consultants worked with our HR team to define and shape meaningful predictive analytics that define more clearly how today’s metrics can predict and lead to tomorrow’s success with our talent. They were a powerful guide who enlightens the long way from the old human resources department to a new strategic human capital management that boosts profit.” – William Advani, President and CEO, American Century Lending

Cavalry Management Consultants changed our corporate culture and provided our business with a competitive advantage in our sales and customer service departments. They smashed the superficial, ineffective approaches we were using to solve complex customer service issues through a simple fun approach. Their framework can resolve even the thorniest predicament.” – Barry Howarth, Founder and CEO, Mavens & Moguls

I worked with Don and Cavalry Management Consultants for the last 9 years, including several years at two other companies. I brought his tools and solutions with me when I changed jobs. I’ve never had a problem getting in touch with them. He is committed to not only my companies’ success but mine as well. I would rate Cavalry Management Consultants’ overall service a 10 – and I have always felt that way” – Karen C., Minnesota Diversified

In a short time, the assessments and solutions we purchased from Cavalry Management Consultants paid for themselves because we hired the right people and didn’t have to hire again and retrain. We like the ability to assess people without making them feel uncomfortable. Your tools provide great insight and to put people in the right positions, your reports and scorecards allow me to get information quickly.” – Dave L., The Boiling Pot

Don is an experienced human resource consultants who has a proven track record of helping businesses hire the right people, and get them doing the right thing. Don's passion lies in helping organizations increase productivity and decrease defects and costs.

You can reach Don directly at 440-240-2583.