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Effective Employee Management Doesn’t Have to be Spooky

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“Here is a dead body, Stiff as a stick, Cold as marble, Light as a spirit… Lift yourself, in the name of Jesus Christ!” You could hear the little girlies chanting this as the Plague swept across 17th century London. Corpses lined the cobblestone streets like the angel of death knocked door-to-door; a restless, lonely ghost selfishly claiming companions. The girls knelt around a lifeless body as they solemnly chanted, fingertips lightly pressing against the back of their motionless friend, levitating her off the ground as if possessed by a spirit in a childish séance. “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.” As Halloween approaches it is not unlikely that your own children play this game, repeating the incantation at their slumber parties, lifting their friends off the ground in the flickering candlelight. But are they trying to “summon spirits,” or simply demonstrating a strong employee dynamic? “Light as a…

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