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Don is an experienced human resource consultants who has a proven track record of helping businesses hire the right people, and get them doing the right thing. Don's passion lies in helping organizations increase productivity and decrease defects and costs.

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Effective Employee Management Doesn’t Have to be Spooky

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“Here is a dead body, Stiff as a stick, Cold as marble, Light as a spirit… Lift yourself, in the name of Jesus Christ!” You could hear the little girlies chanting this as the Plague swept across 17th century London. Corpses lined the cobblestone streets like the angel of death knocked door-to-door; a restless, lonely ghost selfishly claiming companions. The girls knelt around a lifeless body as they solemnly chanted, fingertips lightly pressing against the back of their motionless friend, levitating her off the ground as if possessed by a spirit in a childish séance. “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.” As Halloween approaches it is not unlikely that your own children play this game, repeating the incantation at their slumber parties, lifting their friends off the ground in the flickering candlelight. But are they trying to “summon spirits,” or simply demonstrating a strong employee dynamic? “Light as a…

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Being Committed to Your People and Interested in Results?

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We at Cavalry Management Consultants get a lot of inquiries from those seeking assistance to maximize their profitability though our Talent Selection and Strategic Interventions Processes… Most of those who contact us are either from the executive level or human resources function. What do they have in common? Most people are interested in creating results that maximize their profitability. Very few are committed to making the changes necessary to do so. Notice my word choices… Interested… Committed… The problem? There Is A Significant Difference Between Being Interested And Committed Interested people do what is convenient. Committed people do whatever it takes. Most executives are unfortunately committed to their people and interested in results/profits when it should be the other way around. Most are committed to allowing the status quo to continue (they say they love their people) while making a few tweaks here and there to improve productivity. Guess what? I…

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Thoughts on Stay Interviews

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Exit Interviews Vs. Stay Interviews was the topic in a recent article on Talent Management by Sharon Jordan-Evans, an executive coach, and Beverly Kaye, CEO of Career Systems International. In this article they both make the case for why the exit interview should become a thing of the past. Instead, they say firms should be conducting regular “stay interviews,” earlier in the employee life cycle. While exit interview take a retroactive approach—seeking in the “employee’s final moments to glean a deeper understanding of the reasons he or she is leaving”—stay interviews take a proactive approach. The employer’s goal, through a stay interview, is to gain insight into what the employee wants from his or her work environment. With this information, the employer can help the employee remain productive, happy and fulfilled within the organization. However, employers often eschew the stay interview, and Jordan-Evans and Kaye address some of the reasons. Stay…

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Primary Occupational DNA Parts of Top Salespeople

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Mad Men’s Don Draper is a “get it’s, get it”. Thanks to Oren Klaff’s brilliant book, Pitch Anything, and yes I am a fan. If you have not yet read Pitch Anything, I highly recommend you do so. The traits that make Don Draper successful as well as Real Life top sales producers include: An insatiable desire to win. Solid business acumen. Ability to take action. A rare ability to see what others will never see. I have met many “Don Drapers” in my career. Companies with ten to twenty salespeople are lucky if they have one on their sales team. The good news is you can hire salespeople who are “wired” like Don Draper if you use the only unbiased data driven measurement process graphically and quantifiable show what people bring to the job and whether they have the specific talents – or – Attributes needed for the job. Our…

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True Salespeople are Artisans

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True salespeople are artisans and not needy. Are your salespeople needy? Needy salespeople are underperformers. They need to sell their product,service or experience more than their Customer needs to buy them. Needy salespeople “differentiate” only on price because they are lazy; and know no better or they represent a commodity. Personally, I avoid needy salespeople. There is a desperation and lack of quality that I cannot allow myself to become a part of. I run from needy salespeople. Recently I re-read Oren Klaff’s book “Pitch Anything”. I suggest putting Pitch Anything on your short list of must read books. In Chapter Six – Eradicating Neediness, Klaff shares, “Plain and simple, neediness equals weakness.” Did you get that? “Neediness equals weakness.” You have a choice. Be Artisan or be needy. Be Artisan My Dad instilled in me… If you are going to do anything – do it amazingly well – be an…

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Productivity Benchmarks To Evaluate Before Hiring

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If you are serious about hiring the best salespeople possible, it is imperative to establish productivity benchmarks to evaluate before hiring. Top top performing companies have discovered that it is essential that you get your sales hiring process optimized to ensure only the best sales candidates are making it to the final round. Sales executives who are passionate about winning…  Are relentless in the pursuit of the best sales talent possible. They are passionate about learning what it takes to hire the very best salespeople possible on a consistent basis. Do not waste time. They understand “time is money”. Learn from past hiring mistakes. They are committed to avoiding costly sales hiring mistakes. Does this sound like you? Two common questions we often hear from new clients are, “How do I know who to profile and benchmark?” and “How do I quickly interview to identify the best potential candidates to consider…

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The Costly Impact of Poor Communication

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Lack of communication in the workplace is more than just a minor problem to your company. From my experience – few companies and teams communicate well. When left unmanaged, lack of communication will be the direct cause of numerous problems that can cause dysfunction among the ranks, dissatisfaction among employees, and even drive away customers. In short, lack of communication will really do some damage to your business. Whether you are just developing your company’s culture, or if you are trying to build upon and maintain it, it is vital to keep communication open in the workplace. Most successful companies are quick to acknowledge that there would be no happy customers without happy employees. Businesses who cultivate a culture that is open where employee team members can share their concerns and ideas enjoy lower employee turnover rates and higher customer satisfaction levels. The correlation is not just a coincidence; employees who…

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